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In the race to provide increasing value to customers more efficiently and cost-effectively, leading businesses trust Saige to automate critical processes along their digital transformation journey. We seamlessly integrate into our client organizations as a trusted AI, digital, and change management partner through our collaborative approach.


We chose Saige as our strategic technology partner because they are experts in data monetization, have expertise in the sports sector, and they specialize in seamlessly integrating advanced AI and digital solutions. Moreover, we were impressed with their ability to collaborate, move quickly, and create a well-managed and highly integrated analytics system.
Meghan Nameth
Co-Founder, iVirtual

A Platform for the Social-First Brands

It’s important for us to understand the followership of the influencers we work with since we trust them with our brands. What we found is that there are many platforms that say they do fraud analysis but really don’t have that capability. Koalifyed has provided us with a solution that is better than anything we have seen in terms of fraud detection and brand safety.
Kelly Vanasse
Former Chief Communications Officer, Procter & Gamble Beauty, Grooming & Health

Tekagogo Partner Expansion

With Saige’s solutions and support, we have been able to expand our capabilities and effectively tap into new markets, propelling our growth and success.
Mike Gordon
Head of Operations

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services

We developed a great partnership with Saige Consulting and their dedication to our website is transparent in all aspects of the site. We appreciate their attention to detail, quality, and innovative approach to bringing our manifest to life online.
Sandy Heubner
Digital/Direct Marketing Manager

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