Saige Soars in Martech with Award-Winning AI Solutions

Influencer marketing platform, Koalifyed, and AI-driven PR pitch platform, PRophet win at the 28th Annual Webby Awards and the 2024 Innovation SABRE Awards, respectively.

Our dedication to innovation has been recognized! In early 2024, Saige secured two prestigious Martech industry awards, a testament to our commitment to crafting transformative marketing solutions for our clients. We partner with marketers to build resilient and efficient marketing models that drive brand loyalty and measurable results.

This success stems from our in-house team of experts, who develop industry-leading Martech products like Koalifyed and PRophet. These platforms exemplify the power of combining cutting-edge AI, automation, and strategic processes.

Navigating the Marketing Landscape: Challenges and Solutions

Today’s marketers face a complex landscape – a fragmented media environment, evolving consumer privacy concerns, and fierce competition for attention. Cutting through the noise and delivering high-impact content is a constant battle. Here’s where Saige thrives.

We work collaboratively with clients to develop innovative solutions powered by advanced AI. This future-proof approach is evident in both Koalifyed and PRophet:

  • Koalifyed: The Webby-Winning AI Influencer Marketing Platform – This robust platform empowers brands to achieve rapid growth through influencer marketing, while ensuring unmatched brand safety. Winning a Webby Award, considered the “internet’s highest honor” by the New York Times, Koalifyed stood out from over 13,000 entries and 2.2 million votes in the Apps and Software: Marketing and Content Management category. 

  • PRophet: The Pioneering AI-powered PR Pitch Platform – This first-of-its-kind platform predicts media interest and sentiment before a pitch is sent, revolutionizing PR workflows. By saving professionals time and ensuring they reach the right journalists, PRophet continues to be a leader in the PR industry with AI. It secured the top spot in the SABRE awards PR Software and Services category, beating out 850 other contenders. 

Award Recognition: A Springboard for the Future

These awards underscore Saige’s commitment to excellence and our ability to make a significant impact through creative solutions powered by AI, data analytics, and machine learning. As we look towards 2025, stay tuned for more exciting advancements in the Martech space from Saige.

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